New Guidelines: Wards may consider discontinuing printed programs.

We didn't see this coming. . . .

General Handbook
In the "General Handbook" under the heading "Guidelines for Planning and Conducting Meetings" it says "Leaders prepare an agenda for each meeting or assign someone else to prepare it under their direction. An agenda helps participants focus on the meeting’s purposes and use time effectively."

Coronavirus Pandemic
At the height of the Coronavirus pandemic on March 12 2020, the First Presidency and Quorum Apostles announced that all public gatherings of Church members were temporarily suspended worldwide due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Subsequently, on May 19 2020, the First Presidency provided new guidelines for safely returning to Church meetings and activities. In the attachment titled "Guidelines for Safely Returning to Church Meetings and Activities" it states "Wards may consider discontinuing printed programs until conditions return to normal."

Paperless Solution
This new "Sacrament Meeting Program" app is the ideal solution to provide everyone in your sacrament meetings a digital version of the agenda. Ward leaders can use the app to create the sacrament meeting program every week, and ward members can use the app to have access to those agendas.