• Ward name (i.e. "Oak Hills 2nd Ward" or "Washington Branch")
  • Meeting date, time and location
  • Inspirational image (choose from stock images or upload your own)
  • Scripture or inspirational quote from a general authority
  • Scripture or inspirational quote reference




  • A simple agenda format is used week to week
  • The agenda includes general conducting/presiding information
  • Standard agenda items (music, prayers, sacrament, speakers, etc.) are included
  • Custom agenda items can be added (for special numbers, etc.)
  • Hymns deep link to the "Sacred Music" mobile app
  • Optional footers can be turned ON/OFF




  • Add/manage calendar events and announcements
  • Ward and auxiliary leaders can easily collaborate to add/manage agenda items and announcements in next week's program
  • The digital program provides a way for members to read announcements and select items to place into their personal, digital calendar
  • The digital program allows wards/branches to make last-minute changes




  • Add/manage a short list of the local leaders in your ward/branch
  • Tap a leader to view their profile picture and contact information
  • Tap a leader's phone number to click-to-call that leader
  • Tap a leader's email address to send an email to that leader
  • Add/manage a short list of the missionaries serving from your ward/branch
  • Sort the missionaries by their name, entry dates or return dates
  • Tap the missionary's "View More" button to deep link to their pictures in the "Called to Serve" mobile app